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Ecosia is a search engine that is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. When you use Ecosia for your searches, you contribute to a noble cause - planting trees.

Ecosia functions just like any other search engine, but with one major difference: it uses the revenue from search ads to fund tree-planting projects around the world. According to their website, they claim to use "100% of its profits" to support reforestation efforts.


Olio is a mobile app for sharing by giving away, getting, borrowing or lending things in your community for free, aiming to reduce household and food waste. It does this by connecting neighbours with spare food or household items to others nearby who wish to pick up those items.  The food must be edible; it can be raw or cooked, sealed or open. Non-food items often listed on Olio include books, clothes and furniture.


Too good to go

​Too Good To Go is a service with a mobile application that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have surplus unsold food. The service covers major European cities, and in October 2020, started operations in North America. As part of the initiatives taken on the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste to reduce food loss and waste.

Too Good to go


ethy makes it easy to find ethical enterprises to spend your hard-earned money with. They research, vet and accredit all the businesses featured on their app, doing all the hard work for you. Leaving you to simply search for businesses that align with your values - organic produce, reduced plastic, vegan & cruelty-free, carbon conscious etc. ethy isn't just for online shopping though. The best part is that you can connect your bank account to ethy, they keep tabs on where you are spending your money and give insight into their eco credentials.



Ailuna provides you with a series of 'dares' that take around a week to complete. Each dare is designed by experts and backed by behavioural science to help you form long-lasting habits. They focus on specific lifestyle changes, such as saving water or buying nothing new. When you find one you want to try - accept the dare! The app will then walk you through a setup phase, asking how many days you can commit to and when it should check in with you to make sure you are building those habits! During the week you can chat with others that have taken on the dare and explore hacks to take your dare to the next level. The app also drops tips and tricks throughout the week to keep you engaged and further engrain those habits.



Karma helps you rescue unsold food that would otherwise be thrown away. Restaurants, cafes and grocery stores post items that are approaching the end of their life and you can pick them up for half price. Open the app and it will show you food that can be rescued in your local area via an interactive map. Each listing will give you a 'buy before' and 'pick up before' time so make sure you can actually make it to the pick up point before the deadline. Once you have picked your items you can pay through the app. The premise is similar to Too Good To Go. But with Karma, you can pick specific items rather than a 'goodie bag' filled with random items.



reGain wants you to recycle your old and used clothes, and they give you money off coupons to say thanks. It's the modern-day equivalent of the charity shop. To get your mitts on the discounts you need a minimum of ten items to donate. Package up the items and print off a free shipping label. Then leave the package at a local drop-off point. reGAIN sort through the clothes and recycle what they can. If there is no hope for an item then it is sent to a waste-to-energy plant to produce electricity, some of which will go to generate new clothes - it's the circular economy in action.



Giki is a social enterprise that is committed to making it easy to find sustainable, healthy and ethical products. They have awarded thousands of products with various badges based on their eco credentials, which must have taken ages!

For example, badges are awarded to products; packaged in recyclable materials, that have a low carbon footprint and that are organic. The general idea is the more badges a product has, the better. To discover the Giki badges a product has open the app and scan its barcode. You can also enter the product's name in the search bar. Giki will then tell you how many, and what type of, badges the item has.



Litterati is on a mission to create a vast Global Database of Litter and needs our help documenting the litter we pick up. After taking a picture of the litter you need to tag it. The app gives you some frequently used tags such as plastic, bottle caps and cigarettes or you can add your own. When tagging, they suggest following the C.O.M.B taxonomy: Category, Object, Material and Brand. For example, if you found a Starbucks coffee cup you would tag the picture with; Category - Coffee, Object - Cup, Material - Paper, Brand - Starbucks. The more data Litterati have the smarter the stuff they can do, such as using machine learning to recognise the litter in a photograph so it doesn't need to be manually tagged.



Do you have stuff you don’t need anymore? Freegle will find someone to take it away. If you need something, Freegle will pair you with someone giving it away. To get started, download the app or head to their website. Tell Freegle where you are, what you have/want and give an email address and publish your ad. To keep things relevant the ad will only be posted to your local Freegle community. If a Freegler sees something they like or can help you out they can send you a message and arrange logistics.



Tiptapp is here to help you move things in and out of your home. You can post two types of ads:

  • Get rid of something - If you just need to remove rubbish from your house then use this option. If it can be recycled make sure to flag it so that the person picking it up is made aware. Also If there is some value in the items you are getting rid of you can post it as a giveaway or charity collection.

  • Get stuff moved or delivered - Use this ad type to find helpers with cars and trailers that can give you a hand to move stuff. This might be some new furniture purchase, building materials or even a second-hand bargain you find on TipTapp!



Most of us don’t wear at least 50% of our wardrobes. Storey attempts to solve this problem by digitising all the clothes you own, so you can easily see what you have, and find a new home for those items you no longer wear. Think of it as a mashup between Depop and Instagram. After uploading pictures of your existing wardrobe the app will create a new 'virtual' one. For new purchases, you can link your email account and online checkouts to the app so that items are automatically added to your virtual wardrobe. Once your collection is live, Storey can start recommending items you can mix and match together, coming up with ideas you may never have thought of, and extending the life of the clothes you already have. Other app users can see your profile, or wardrobe in this case, and add your items to their favourites list. If a garment gets lots of likes and you are no longer wearing it, you can list it for sale and manage everything through the app.


Fat Llama

Fat Llama connects people who need things with people that have those things to lend. Great for when you need something for a few days but don’t need to own it forever. You can borrow anything from a lawn mower to a campervan but there does seem to be a particular focus on photography and videography equipment. Their app is really simple to use. If you have something to lend just take a picture, write a brief description and price your item by the day, week or even year. If you are looking to borrow, search or browse the app. Once you see something you like message the lender and arrange to pick up/drop off.

Fat Llama


Supernova is a new type of social app - one that gives back, donating the majority of its profit to charity. Users get to choose which cause is most important to them and can see a running total of all the money raised by their actions.

If you are familiar with Instagram, you will feel right at home in the Supernova app. However, the team have added some neat features to the app which gives it a unique feel.  There is a good newsfeed - dedicated to only giving you a good dose of uplifting stories. The more time you spend on the app the more money you make for your causes. So go ahead and watch that cat video for the 12th time!


Falling Fruit

You might not notice it, but there is an abundance of foraging opportunities everywhere, even in cities. Falling Fruit is a massive, collaborative map of the urban harvest. You can access the map for free through a web browser or you can pay for the mobile app. Zoom in on your location and you will see the foraging opportunities near you as red dots.  If you come across any items of interest you can add them to the map as well. Choose from a list of plants, give a brief description and drop a marker. Some people have taken it to extremes by listing dumpsters as foraging opportunities.

falling fruit
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