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Temperature Sensors

 These are required to monitor the heat levels in green energy applications. When dealing with solar power, for example, it is important to be aware of devices becoming too hot. They are also used to monitor the liquid temperature in various applications. Temperature sensors are also used on heating systems using green energy. These can be used in the home or in commercial areas.

Temperature Sensor

Position and Motion Sensors

Position sensors or motion sensors are used within many different green energy applications. Position sensors are also used in various vehicle applications on both traditional and e-vehicles.

Eg- It's used in waste separators motion control equipment has been used on a device which separates food waste such as from restaurants or supermarkets. The food waste is broken down into solids and liquid is separated - any oil can then be used as a biofuel.

Position and Motion Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors are used in various green energy applications to monitor the levels of gases produced and the pressure levels of the applications. They can also be used to determine if there is a blockage within a component or device. Pressure transducers are also used in engines and vehicles which are classed as “zero emission”.

Pressure Sensor
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